WebFont Constructor

Creates an instance of a WebFont.

public WebFont(
	LocalFont? fallbackFont = null,
	string? woffUrl = null,
	string? woff2Url = null,
	string? trueTypeUrl = null,
	string? openTypeUrl = null


fallbackFont  LocalFont  (Optional)
Fallback font to be used if the font files cannot be loaded.
woffUrl  String  (Optional)
URL to a WOFF font file to be included as a @font-face.
woff2Url  String  (Optional)
URL to a WOFF2 font file to be included as a @font-face.
trueTypeUrl  String  (Optional)
URL to a TypeType font file to be included as a @font-face.
openTypeUrl  String  (Optional)
URL to a OpenType font file to be included as a @font-face.


Note that standalone SVGs must not have external resources. If you intend to create standalone SVG files, ensure the font URLs are data URLs.

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