SourceFont Class

Contains information about a font used in the PDF document.

public abstract class SourceFont
PdfToSvg.NET (since v0.8.0)
System.Object PdfToSvg.SourceFont


SourceFontInitializes a new instance of the SourceFont class


CanBeExtractedSpecifies whether this font can be extracted to a font file that can be embedded in the SVG.
CanBeInlinedSpecifies whether this font can be inlined. When a font is inlined, its glyphs will be embedded as paths and other elements in the SVG markup.
IsStandardFontIndicates whether this font is one of the 14 standard PDF fonts. If so, the font returned by ToOpenType() and ToWoff() is not extracted from the PDF, but rather provided by PdfToSvg.NET.
NameThe name of the font.


ToOpenTypeTries to convert this source font to an OpenType (.otf) font.
ToWoffTries to convert this source font to a WOFF font.

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