WebFont Class

Uses a web font in the resulting SVG markup.

public class WebFont : Font
PdfToSvg.NET (since v0.3.0)
System.Object PdfToSvg.Font PdfToSvg.WebFont


Note that standalone SVGs must not reference external resources. If you intend to create standalone SVG files, ensure the font URLs are data URLs.


WebFontCreates an instance of a WebFont.


FallbackFontGets the fallback font that is used to render the text if the web font files cannot be downloaded.
FontFamilyGets the generated font name of the web font.
(Overrides Font.FontFamily)
OpenTypeUrlGets an URL to an OpenType font file to be included as a @font-face.
TrueTypeUrlGets an URL to a TrueType font file to be included as a @font-face.
Woff2UrlGets an URL to a WOFF2 font file to be included as a @font-face.
WoffUrlGets an URL to a WOFF font file to be included as a @font-face.


EqualsDetermines whether the specified font is equal to the current one.
(Overrides Object.Equals(Object))
GetHashCodeGets a hash code for this font.
(Overrides Font.GetHashCode())
ToStringGets a string representation of this font.
(Overrides Font.ToString())

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