OpenOptions.Password Property

The password used for opening the PDF. This can be either the user password or the owner password. If the owner password is specified, any usage restrictions are bypassed.

public string? Password { get; set; }
PdfToSvg.NET (since v0.7.0)

Property Value



PDF documents have two types of passwords: a user password and an owner password. If the document is encrypted, you will need either the user password or the owner password to be able to open and convert the document.

The owner might also have set usage restrictions on the document. You can find restrictions of the current document in DocumentPermissions. PdfToSvg.NET will honor export restrictions. If you are the author of the document you can bypass the usage restrictions by providing the owner password.


If a PDF document is password protected, you need to specify the PDF password to be able to convert the document. The following example shows how to open a password protected document.

Convert password protected PDF
var openOptions = new OpenOptions
    Password = "password"

using (var document = PdfDocument.Open("password-protected.pdf", openOptions))
    var pageNo = 1;

    foreach (var page in document.Pages)

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