SvgConversionOptions Class

Contains options affecting the behavior when a PDF page is converted to SVG.

public class SvgConversionOptions
PdfToSvg.NET (since v0.1.0)
System.Object PdfToSvg.SvgConversionOptions


SvgConversionOptionsInitializes a new instance of the SvgConversionOptions class


FontResolverGets or sets an implementation that will be used for deciding what font to be used for text included in the SVG.
ImageResolverGets or sets a class that is used to resolve URLs for images.
IncludeLinksDetermines whether web links from the PDF will be included in the generated SVG.
KerningThresholdSpacing between letters below this threshold is assumed to be kerning and removed. The value is relative to the current font size, where 1.0 represents the font size.
MinStrokeWidthGets or sets the minimum stroke width that will be used in the resulting SVG. If the PDF use a thinner stroke width, it will be replaced with this width.

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