InlinedFont Class

Represents a font whose glyphs are inlined as paths and other elements within the SVG markup.

public class InlinedFont : Font
PdfToSvg.NET (since v0.10.0)
System.Object PdfToSvg.Font PdfToSvg.InlinedFont


Objects of this type can be returned from a FontResolver to indicate how text will be rendered in the generated SVG.

InlinedFont differs from WebFont, where the latter embeds fonts as OpenType or WOFF font files in the generated SVG. Side effects from inlining glyphs are that exported text will not be selectable, and that the generated SVG will typically be larger than if the font is embedded as a font file.

Currently only PDF fonts of type 3 can be inlined, but more font types might be supported in the future.

PdfToSvg.NET is able to convert most type 3 fonts to OpenType or WOFF, but a subset of type 3 fonts cannot be converted, e.g., bitmap fonts. InlinedFont is mainly intended for this subset.


InlinedFontCreates an instance of InlinedFont.


FontFamilyName of the font.


GetHashCodeReturns the hash code for this font.
(Inherited from Font)
ToStringReturns a string representation of this font.
(Inherited from Font)

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